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'I believe in NATO but US treated very unfairly on trade,' says Trump

File photo. Photograph: (AFP)

WION Web Team Brussels, Belgium Jul 12, 2018, 04.21 PM (IST)

At the end of the first session of the two-day NATO summit, US President Donald Trump at a press conference said that he "believes in NATO".

Addressing reporters in Brussels, the US president said the US will hold trade talks with the EU next week over trade. 

He also added that the US commitment to NATO would remain "strong".

"NATO now is like a fine-tuned machine", Trump said, adding, that the US has been treated "very unfairly" on trade.

"We made a tremendous amount of progress today," Trump said after emergency talks with fellow NATO leaders prompted by his demands for allies to boost military budgets.

Trump said more funds were needed for NATO. On Russia, Trump said Putin is a competitor, adding that he hoped to get along with Russia. 

"Putin is a competitor, not an enemy," the US president said. In a freewheeling chat with reporters, Trump promised to raise US election meddling when he meets Putin in Helsinki.

On Brexit, the US president said the "UK is struggling with Brexit."

Trump who is set to meet British prime minister Theresa May in London later, jokingly added that "people of UK like me a lot".




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