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8-month-old Laila al-Ghandour: Youngest victim of Gaza protests

Laila al-Ghandour died after choking on tear gas fired by Israeli tear gas. Photograph: (Twitter)

WION Web Team New Delhi, India May 17, 2018, 11.14 AM (IST)

The heart-wrenching picture of dead eight-month-old Laila al-Ghandour in Gaza City is a grim reminder of the death of Alan Kurdi, the dead Syrian refugee whose corpse washed up on Turkey's shore. 

Heyam Omar, the baby girl's grandmother, said she died from tear gas she inhaled at a protest camp on Monday.

"We went there (to the tent camp) where they (Israeli forces) fired tear gas and when we were leaving we saw the baby struggling to breathe and she moved her head but then she had choked," she said from the hospital.

Monday's violence on the border, which took place as the United States opened its new embassy in Jerusalem, was the bloodiest for Palestinians since the 2014 Gaza conflict.

The death toll rose to 60 overnight after Laila had died. More than 2,200 Palestinians were also injured by gunfire or tear gas.

This picture of Alan Kurdi reverberated around the world in the summer of 2016. It increased an already fierce public backlash against the Syrian civil war.

Alan Kurdi_0.JPG

Laila's pictures are also a stark reminder of those of four-year-old Omran Daqneesh, the shocked Syrian boy pictured sitting in an ambulance covered in blood and dust after an airstrike. 

The haunting image of four-year-old Omran sitting dazed and bloodied in an ambulance became a symbol of civilian suffering in Aleppo in 2016, drawing worldwide attention much like the photo of Aylan Kurdi.


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